The BIG 12 & the Potential for Playoff Love


Many agree that the recent College Football Playoff Committee rankings came without the Big 12
Conference getting any love. But according to one ESPN CFB Analyst, “The Big 12 has the Potential for Love, at least in the month of November.” Looking ahead at this month he was referring to, we can see that Baylor, TCU, OSU, and OU (the BIG 12’s top 4 teams) will all be playing against each other and better yet, they are all ranked in the Top 15 by the playoff committee. Could there finally be Love for the BIG 12? Well, one things for sure, with the current schedule, the BIG 12 definitely has the POTENTIAL for it. 😉
As people we LOVE many things. We love movies. We love food. We love sports, clothes, comics, literature, family members, etc. We say we love a lot of things, but do we truly love? As a speaker, I tend to see a striking comparison between the Big 12 Playoff rankings and many of the students I speak to. 
Whenever finishing an assembly or workshop, I usually like to stick around and try to visit with the students one on one. In many cases, I hear their stories of their home lives and although I wish they were all positive ones, many of them share with me stories where they feel broken, mistreated, and unloved. It’s heartbreaking. These students all have the potential to be loved, but do they ever feel the love they were meant to feel? 
Point is when we craft a love in our hearts for people, we exceed their potential for love. Imagine what would happen if we showed every person we met with the genuine love we’ve been called to have for our fellow man. Think about this: you may be the only source of love that someone in your school, town, or work may ever have in their life. And if we want more love in this world, than the best way to go about it is to put more love in our hearts. My hope every day is to learn to be kinder to people and to help them feel their true worth that they so often are deprived of feeling from home. I’ll be honest with you, I’m still working on getting better at this, but I know if you show love to one person, you can break the ugly barriers of hatred that results in being unloved. The entire globe can be impacted once we all give it a shot.  

As for the Big 12 College Football Playoff, we all know that a little bit of love would go a long ways, especially from the playoff committee. However, the ultimate hope we have is that we wouldn’t just have love for our favorite college football conference, but that we all would show love to others by putting that love within the crevice of our hearts. 🙂 #LittleBitofLoveForTheBig12

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