Trainings & Programs

Below is a highlighted list of some of Brandon’s most requested programs. Each leadership training and program is uniquely customized to fit your organization’s needs and goals.

Brandon’s Most Popular Programs:

School Events: School Assemblies/Workshops/Banquet & Graduation Keynotes
~Present to over 40 schools a year. Programs range from a variety of topics.


Most Popular School Assembly Program: “Break The Stigma”
~ There is a stigma of stereotype in many school cultures, in this assembly we learn how to break it through school spirit, starting tradition, leaving a legacy, and becoming Individuals of Impact. This assembly lasts around 45 minutes to an hour. (Feel free to contact me for more info on other assembly programs)

Professional Development Training for Staff & Faculty
~ Brandon develops leadership curriculum and presents it as a customized presentation to fit the needs of your staff. There is no telling what a motivated staff can accomplish when everyone is on the same page focusing on the same goals.


Most Popular Training: “Rockstars & Role Models”
~ This is a 1-2 hour training program geared toward equipping both new and seasoned leaders to be the best role model they can be. Each one of us is famous in the eyes of someone, whether it’s a parent, teacher, pastor, student, or a friend. The fact is we have influence, but what we do with that influence is what matters. 


Student Leadership Officer Trainings

Training student leaders to be great ambassadors of their school/organization/PLC. We learn how to lead once we learn how to serve. These personalized trainings are designed to help prepare your student leaders for their upcoming year of service. Each officer training covers an array of topics such as social media awareness, resolving conflict, goal-setting, team-building, and more in a fun, interactive, and growth-oriented atmosphere. Example of organizations trained: FFA, TSA, FCCLA, FCA, STUCO, DECA, BPA, PLC, and others. Typically do 30-40 officer trainings a year.



Most Popular Student Leadership Trainings: “Start The Spark”,”Serve to Soar”, & “Rockstars & Role Models”

>Each of these student officer trainings are precisely focused on serving out your year as one of impact and legacy. We have all experienced times when we need more motivation, drive, and focus. In these trainings, we will uncover tools we need to be successful in leadership and to help us keep the fire alive in our schools, community, and world!


Discipleship Trainings~ Specifically designed for youth groups and church congregations in mind. Discipleship trainings focus on deepening your faith through advanced emphasis on evangelism, building trust, finding purpose, and fellowship. Most of these trainings are presented over a 2-day time span. Ideal for retreats, weekly series, small groups, Sunday school curriculum, and Discipleship Classes.

>Most Popular Training: “The Habitat” ~ Following Christ requires us to leave our past behind and move forward into our new destiny. In this training, we discover what it means to take the next step in our faith and how to pursue the calling that’s been placed on our lives. (More trainings available in addition to this)