Give Jesus The Keys

Sitting here and feel this message burning on my heart. This might be for someone, although I don’t know for whom.

Your life has been so chaotic and problematic. If you were to view your heart as a home, you would notice the windows are broken, the living room is a mess, and the floors have a creak in them. Your heart home needs a Major Makeover. You have tried to fix it yourself, but all you can come up with are temporary solutions that prolong the problems further down the road.

You have tried everything you can to put your heart home back into shape, but nothing seems to work. In conclusion, you are forcing yourself to be a hopeless tenant in a broken down house.

Although you may think your house is too broken and beyond the point of repair, I am thrilled to tell you about the Repair Man! He has been fixing heart homes for centuries and has a perfect track record. In fact, His Name is Jesus and he is more than a repair man, he is actually a carpenter! He won’t just replace those creaky floors, those broken windows, or clean up that messy living room! He will do more than you could ever imagine and he has never failed yet!

You see, Jesus the Carpenter isn’t just in the replacement business, He is also in the Restoration Business! It won’t cost you a dime, but it will require something. It will require you handing over the keys so He can have entrance into your heart home. So many heart homes are in need of His work, but yet they are unwilling to give Jesus the keys unknowing of what He will do.

How can we expect Jesus to do the work that needs to be done in our homes when we won’t even give Him the very keys to enter in?

I know this is for someone. Ask yourself, “What is holding me back from giving Jesus the keys?” “What’s holding me back from inviting Him in?” He has the perfect blueprint to fixing your messy home. You may think no one understands, but He does.

Right now, let go of what you are going through. We can’t fix these problems on our own. Call out His Name and Surrender your life. Give Jesus the Keys and let Him do the work that He is known for doing! Because this Carpenter won’t just replace the floors, but will restore your entire Home. Give Him the Keys!

#GiveHimTheKeys #PostingForSomeone #OnMyHeart

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