Convention Scavenger Hunt

Here’s something you can do in your free time at convention. Make sure to complete everything by Wednesday night. Have fun and meet new people!

Convention Scavenger Hunt

1. Get a signature from a member of the Southeast District

2. Tell an Ag Teacher “Thank You” for all their hard work.

3. Watch at least two performances from someone from another chapter at the Career Show Talent Stage. Cheer Them On!

4. Shake the hand of a Courtesy Corps Member.

5. Get a signature from a member of the Northwest District

6. Get a piece of candy from the Career Show.

7. Do your favorite Alumni Camp Power: Power Lawn Mower, Power OSU, etc.

8. Meet someone from another chapter and tell them your FFA Story.

9. Look across the street to the Chesapeake Arena and yell “Thunder Up!”

10. Get a signature from a member of the Central District.

11. Play a round of patty cake with a group of members

12. Find a new member and tell them your favorite corny joke.

13. Tell a Chaperone thank you for taking time out of their schedule to help out at Convention.

14. Find a member by the escalators and introduce yourself, where you are from, and your favorite thing about FFA.

15. Get a signature from a member of the Northeast District.

16. Check out one of the college booths and inquire about what programs they have to offer.

17. Snap a photo of your favorite item in the Alumni Silent Auction.

18. Read through a State Winning Speech Manuscript.

19. Get a business card from a booth in the Career Show from a company you’d like to one day work for.

20. Get a signature from a member of the Southwest District.

21. Get a signature from a member of the State FFA Chorus. Tell them how much you appreciate their singing.

22. Take a Group Selfie with as many FFA members as possible.

23. Go to a Convention Workshop and write down one takeaway lesson.

24. Find a free pen in the Career Show.

25. Get a State Officer’s autograph.

Enjoy your convention experience and congrats on another year of success!


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