The Cook In The Kitchen

During this week’s hotel stay in Dallas, I’ve been so impressed with the amenities and outstanding staff service here. One unique feature of this hotel is they provide light meals for dinner Monday-Wednesday evenings which is very convenient for the guests. 
The first night I partook in the dinner I had the chance to meet the lady who was cooking in the kitchen and doing the dishes as noted by her coming to restock plates for us. I reached out to her and said, “Hey, my name is Brandon, and I really enjoyed the dinner tonight. Thank you. You are a great cook!” 

She lit up and replied saying, “Thank you! I love to make good food for people.” The next night I told her once again thank you and how much we guests appreciated her hard work. 

Finally, the last night, as we finished our last supper of the week at the hotel, I reached out one last time and said, “Thank You. We ate like kings this week thanks to you.” She responded to me, not with a word or a handshake, but instead, with a warm hug. She said, “You sir, have made my whole week. I have fed off your kindness and I will not forget you.” 
It’s a simple story, but it illustrated to me a point that I’ve needed to see. We live life to consume moments, opportunities, food, experiences, but so many times we forget that as much as we consume things in life, people will always feed off of us. They will feed off our attitudes, our actions, our personalities, our characteristics, our words, etc. What we offer in life will be consumed by eyes and ears and hearts and minds. What is your life feeding others? Is it positive? Is it wholesome? Is it reflecting your life’s purpose? For me, I’m hoping to feed others kindness even when at times I fail. You never know who’s watching or who’s life is feeding off you, being touched by you. But one thing I know to be true, no matter how good the food is in life, never forget the cook in the kitchen. #TheCookInTheKitchen #WhatAreYouFeedingOthers

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