Thankful for Sneezes

Allergies have never been my greatest friend. Every now and then, my allergies like to remind me substances like ragweed, pollen, and overall dust, just don’t get along with Brandon. Yesterday, however, was one of the most allergenic days I’ve ever experienced. 
I’m walking to my car to head to Shawnee to have dinner with my girlfriend, when all of sudden, like a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick to the nostrils, I began to sneeze like there’s no tomorrow. It’s not just one or two sneezes, it’s no joke, 25 SNEEZES in a row, commencing in a clockwork pattern. I haven’t even made it to my car yet, as I’m trying to recover and catch my breath. Suddenly, I realize I misplaced my wallet (definitely an important thing to have while driving), something I rarely misplace. I head back into the house looking all over when finally I found it on the bookshelf. Knowing that I’m going to be at least 20 minutes late now, I frantically get in my car with a wad of tissues for my sniffling troubles. 
I’m frustrated that I’m late, but more so, frustrated my allergies would not stop. Finally, after much more sneezing, my allergies at last gave me a break. I drive to Shawnee, while on my way, I realize in front of me that a car accident had happened about 20 minutes prior to me driving by. I prayed for those involved and had the epiphany that had it not been for my crazy allergies and misplaced wallet, I may have very well been involved in this accident. 
You know everyday we have our frustrations. I know I have mine from time to time. But I believe God always has a plan. Even though I don’t get along with my allergies, this weekend I’m thankful for the sneezes. 🤧 #ThankfulForSneezes

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