Hotter Than a Jalapeño 

Have you ever had a Jalapeño?
They are one of my favorite kind of peppers to have. The other day my girlfriend and I were driving along a road and noticed a big field of crops. We had both passed by the field lots of times throughout the year and noticed that the farmer would change what was being grown on that patch of dirt from time to time. Now, being the agriculturally inclined person I am, I was more than curious to see what kind of crop they were. Normally, I can identify them lol. So we pulled the car over to the side of the road and I begin to look at the plants. I admit I’m not the greatest at crop identification, but looking at what I could see, it looked like a crop of Jalapeños were being grown. 
When you eat a jalapeño you are taken away by the heat that follows the bite. 

The heat that we feel stems from the seeds of the jalapeño. People who don’t like the heat will literally take the seeds out so that the heat will be taken out. You may find it crazy to think of, but without the seeds of the Jalapeño, there would be no effect, no spice, no heat. There are many people who walk around seedless. They choose to serve themselves rather than others. Instead of having a positive impact on others, they quench it by wrong choices, negative attitudes, poor self-worth, and more. They lose their heat, they lose their impact.
And then, there are others, whose lives are boiling HOT. Passion fuels them, impact spurs them, and purpose engages them to be their best. We so desperately need leaders who choose to turn up the heat and take a stand. We need Christians who bring the heat, their fire and faith to a very cold and desolate world. We need Faith that is Hotter Than a Jalapeño. It’s imperative to be people who sow seeds and take leads to help this world of need. Ask yourself, “Are you living a life that is Hot for what’s important or Cold to what could be?” 
After a great discussion with my girlfriend on what we can learn from the makeup of a Jalapeño, I was soon informed by a local friend that this crop of Jalapeños was actually a crop of Soybeans. 😳
#HotterThanaJalapeno #NewBlogPost 

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