This Land We Belong to is Grand: Happy 108th Birthday Oklahoma! 

November 16th is a very special day! On this day we celebrate the 108th Anniversary of Oklahoma statehood. We have produced, performed, and persevered in many ways in which we should all be proud of. 
We have Produced. Don’t look over this past weekend as our OSU Cowboys & OU Sooners produced wins that put them both in the college football playoff picture(Bedlam will be fun) And once again, ORU is still undefeated in College Football 😉 We have produced national merit scholars, astronauts, athletes, top agriculturalists, musicians, and more! We produce crops, grains, and livestock, becoming a leading state in the agricultural industry. Oklahomans Produce! 
We have Performed. Oklahoma has demonstrated that it can hold down a professional sports team as the OKC Thunder perform night after night representing the spirit of our great state. (let’s keep our fingers crossed that KD stays) Also, Oklahoma performs in the arts, science, and music, where our museums, colleges, and galleries are nationally recognized in excellence. We have top-notch teachers and educators who believe in their students and strive for excellence in the classroom. No doubt, Oklahomans Perform.
We have Persevered. Our state hasn’t always lived in harmony, as tragedy has struck our state time and time again. Tornadoes, bombings, are just some of the few. But if there is anything that Oklahoma should be proud of and anything our nation knows about us is the fact that when tragedy comes, we take each other by the hand. We persevere together and show resilience. No matter our differences or how deep the heartache can be, you’ll always find an Oklahoman preserving through the struggles on bended knee. 
So Happy Birthday Oklahoma! For 108 you are still looking mighty great! I’m proud to be an Oklahoman and proud of what are state stands for. In the words of the play “Oklahoma”, “We know we Belong to the Land, and the Land we belong to us Grand!” Never have these words meant so much. 
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