Your Life is a Miracle


RECENTLY I had a Conversation with an Atheist on the OSU Stillwater Campus on Miracles. Here’s how our Debate went down:

Atheist OSU Student; “Brandon, how can you believe in Miracles? Especially since you never see Miracles happen?”

Me: ” Well, let me ask you a few questions, did you just take a breath of oxygen?”

Atheist OSU Student: “Well, Of Course!”

Me: “You see, we’re never guaranteed our next breath, so that means you’ve just witnessed a Miracle!”

Atheist OSU Student: “That’s not a miracle, I’m talking about like someone getting healed.”

Me: “Well, have you ever suffered from Chicken Pox, the Common Cold, or ever been sick?”

Atheist OSU Student: “Of Course! Who hasn’t?”

Me: “It’s by God’s grace that you and I have both been healed and overcame our sicknesses and we’re standing here today, it’s a gift to be alive, thus being known as a Miracle!”

Atheist OSU Student: “You may think it was a Miracle, but I had good doctors and medicine to get me through. I’m talking about a Miracle that saves people from harm.”

Me: “Have you noticed there has been a lot of Earthquakes in Oklahoma lately?”

Atheist OSU Student: “Yes! Too many!”

Me: “God has protected us from getting hurt by these Earthquakes, our Safety in itself is a Miracle.”

Atheist OSU Student: “Ok, Ok, Ok! All those examples are little things, now honestly Brandon, have you ever witnessed a Big Monumental Miracle take place right before your very eyes?”

Me: “Yes sir. I sure have. In fact, you’ve probably witnessed it too.”

Atheist OSU Student: “Really? What?”

Me: “Well, have you ever found a parking spot on the OSU Stillwater Campus?”

Atheist OSU Student: “Why yes!”

Me: “Then sir, you have Witnessed a Miracle!” 🙂

Point of the Post: It’s all about Perspective! Your Life is a Miracle , the question is, will you allow God to Use Your Miracle for His Glory? 🙂

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One thought

  1. Yes and yes ,very well great miracle for our life and so skill we are made in hands of God to be glory for him and our salvation are second a miracle to praise the Lord in the Holy Spirit with blessing and heavenly moving in faith thanks and bless,keijo sweden

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