“A Bedlam We Shall Never Forget”

bedlam we should never forget

LOOK up the word Bedlam in the dictionary and it says, “Bedlam-a scene of confusion or chaos.” Ask anybody in Oklahoma to define Bedlam and we will tell you it’s the biggest college football matchup anywhere. It’s a game you better watch. It’s a day you never schedule a wedding on top of. It’s the SuperBowl of Oklahoma!! As I’m just excited about the game as the next, I can’t help but think of another Bedlam that took place on December 7th nearly 72 years ago. This bedlam is known as Pearl Harbor. Where nearly 2,400 people gave their lives in the defense of our country. I remember talking to my Step-Grandpa Hazlip who served in the WWII, Vietnam, & Korean Wars. One day I asked him out of curiosity what it was like to serve. He could never fully describe his experience or sum it up, but I remember one day when he told me that he saw Pearl Harbor happen right in front of his very eyes. He was a long ways away on another U.S. Navy Ship, but from his location he saw and heard everything. He told me that seeing that horror and not being able to help due to distance was not only confusing, but heartbreaking. He told me that he had friends on the USS OKLAHOMA when it was bombed and he lost many of them that day. Even though Grandpa Hazlip has went on to be with The Lord, the details of Pearl Harbor that he shared with me have forever remained in my mind and have caused me to better appreciate our Veterans. Yes sir, 72 years ago, Pearl Harbor was a scene of confusion, it was a Bedlam a different sort. A bedlam that was later won by so many courageous people in our Armed Forces. So whether you’re rooting for the Cowboys or the Sooners, please know that the reason we have the honor of going to this exciting event we call Bedlam is because of the Brave people who fought a bedlam of their own so many years ago. Special thanks to all of our servicemen and women, we cant thank you enough! We know that while all gave some, some gave all.
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