It’s Ok to Put Your Hands Up

“Bella. Put your hands up.”

Whenever April and I notice our daughter fussing in her car seat, jumper, or chair, we usually say those words: “Bella, put your hands up.”

Hoping she will make the connection that by her reaching towards us she communicates she wants to exit from her current situation. Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase: “Put your hands up” in an old detective show when they catch the criminal. It’s a signal of surrender. It signifies I’m giving up. I’m not resisting anymore. I’m not running anymore. I’m all yours.

Such is a moving parallel between us and our walk with God. Something I’ve been realizing in my relationship with Christ is in my personal chaos and discomfort I want to conquer my own problems. I want to succeed at my own plans. I want to resist when God wants me to release. This is the war between carnality and the Spirit. What we surrender to we become servants to. When we give into our wants we become a servant to flesh. But when we give into God we become a servant of Him.

So tonight, instead of saying “Bella, put your hands up.” I am going to declare something different.

If you are in depression, put your hands up.
If you are in a storm, put your hands up.
If you are in anxiety, put your hands up.
If you feel lost, alone, unloved, put your hands up.
If you feel like the world is caving in on you, then put your hands up.
If you have been serving your flesh, instead of the spirit, then put your hands up.
If you have been at war with sin and are ready to surrender your life to Christ, then put your hands up.

Folks, when we put our hands up to God we are giving a signal of surrender. As you pray tonight, make the decision to say, “Lord, I’m not resisting you anymore. I’m not running from you anymore. In fact, I’m all yours.”

SignalofSurrender #BibleDevotional #PutYourHandsUp

“The Lord does not delay His promise, as some understand delay, but is patient with you, not wanting any to perish but all to come to repentance.” -2 Peter 3:9 (HCSB)

Published by

Brandon Baumgarten

Brandon Baumgarten grew up in the small town of Oilton, Oklahoma and was elected to serve the Oklahoma FFA Association as State Secretary, State President, and as a National Officer Candidate representing nearly 25,000 students on the local, state, and national levels from 2011-2013. Afterwards, Brandon launched his speaking career and authored the highly sought after leadership book, Caught Up & Called Out, hoping to help others see the impact they can make on this world. He is a professional speaker, speaking at over 100 different events each year, and a graduate from Oklahoma State University in Agricultural Leadership, and was even named a top 10 student. He is a Zig Ziglar Legacy & Youth Certified Presenter and his message is always to engage, encourage, and empower you to do something big in your life! No matter if you are a student, teacher, parent, or business executive, Brandon's presentations are certain to make you laugh, think, and realize your impact is about to begin!

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