A New Taste

This morning I had something interesting happen….

When you are in a barber shop getting a haircut early on a Saturday morning any topic is is up for discussion. As I enter the shop, there are a few guys sitting, chatting and drinking their morning coffee. As I sit there getting my hair cut, they chat about sports, politics, TV shows, and more. Soon the conversation went negative, they begin talking about their problems like their bad habits and using intense profanity to describe it. I didn’t know what to do except close my eyes and just allow the barber to do his job. Then all of a sudden, the men asked me, “Hey Guy, do you have any bad habits?” I replied with, “The only bad habit I ever had was falling in love with the prettiest girl in Creek County.” 😉 They thought it was funny and continued on. Soon, their conversation then transitioned to things they hated. Some hated long lines at Walmart, parking, some hated the high cigarette costs, but then one caught me way off guard, when one of the men said, “Well, the thing I hate the most are those crazy church going Christians.” My heart felt like a glass bulb shattering inside. The comment was followed with more profanities, when the barber then cleared his throat and says, “Well I think Brandon here is a Christian, in fact, I’m pretty sure he goes to church all the time.”

Immediately, you could hear crickets in the shop. I quickly replied, “Yes gentlemen, I am a Christian and I do try to attend church regularly. I’ve made so many mistakes, but thank God I’m been forgiven.”

The man who made the comment replied, “Well son, I stopped going to church when my father passed away. Over the years, I’ve just had a bad taste of Christianity.”

I replied, “I’m nowhere near perfect, no church is perfect either, but I will tell you, that we do serve a perfect God.”

I invited the man to church and told him, that if he came with an open heart, God would give him a new taste of Christianity, not as a religion, but as a relationship.

After my haircut was finished and I went on my way, I left hoping he would see this faith in a new view. Many people view Christianity in different ways, but tonight, I’m praying the world would receive a new taste, not of Christianity, but a new taste of what it means to be Christ-Like. #NewTasteOfChristianity #WeServeAnAwesomeGod

“The world is not waiting for a new definition of Christianity. The world is waiting for a new demonstration of Christianity.” -Rev. Leonard Ravenhill

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