Why You Should Be Thankful for the Farmer this Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! We have so much to be thankful for. Many families across the country say prayer right before they dig in. As they pray, one line which you might hear said, “..and we thank You Lord for the Farmer, who feeds us.” I said that in a prayer once and was asked by someone, “why do you thank the farmer?” Let me explain just why:

-That Turkey you are eating was fed somewhere on a farm. 🍗

-That stuffing was once formed from the wheat grown on a farm.

-That corn comes from a cornstalk from a field of a farm.🌽

-Those Sweet Potatoes were harvested and produced on a farm.

-And That Sweet pumpkin pie once came from a pumpkin at a pumpkin patch operated by a farmer on a farm.🥧

Point is: You can’t have Thanksgiving Dinner without the efforts of a farmer.

So today, as you pray around your tables before your Thanksgiving Dinner: Thank God for the life you’ve been given. Thank God for the blessings of your families. But don’t forget to thank God for the farmer who feeds us, and for our God who is always faithful. 😃

#Thanksgiving #Gobble #AgLiteracy #FoodForThought #ThankTheFarmer

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