Armadillo Skies: Letting God Lead

It was just another day driving on an Oklahoma Turnpike until…

I get behind a semi. He was doing a little over 75. As I drive behind him through the ups and downs of the Oklahoma Road, something catches my eye, I see beyond the truck in front of me on top of the coming hill a crazy armadillo that was creeping slowly across the turnpike. As we get closer, the armadillo continues moving ever so slowly. Thinking that if the truck didn’t run over the critter, I was going to hit him next. So to avoid lowering the armadillo population, I quickly turned into the passing line, bypassed the semi, the armadillo, and then proceeded to move back into the other lane. Seeing what would unfold behind me, I glanced into the rear mirror of my car and saw the semi running over the armadillo but made zero contact with it. Soon, I see the armadillo rolled up spinning on its back into the other lane. Then it popped out of its protected position and quickly ran from the road into the nearby field. This armadillo lived to crawl another day.

You may not realize it, but that crazy armadillo reminds me of a lot of how we live. We go through life aimlessly, oblivious to the dangers that the world and the devil have set for us. When we want to cross the highway, God is saying, “Wait, wait for my timing.” But often times, we do things based on our own instincts instead of God’s leading. Because of our self-reliance and lack of dependency on God, we face things we shouldn’t have or are meant to face, like that semi. We then find ourselves, somewhere along the road, spinning on our backs, and recovering by what life just threw at us. God wants to lead your life, He wants to direct your steps. Let go and Let God. You’ll see life differently! And just like that Crazy Armadillo, God wants to get you across the road, question is, “Will you go on your time or wait for his timing?” #ArmadilloSkies #WaitonHim

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