Daring to Dairy

After a long and successful business career in the city, a man named Henry Jackson wanted a change in scenery. Henry had always lived in the city. Grew up in the city. Worked in the city. Even went to school in the city. The city life was the only life Henry had ever known.

However, Henry loved a challenge and always strived to live his life to the fullest. One day, he said to himself, “I’ve done well in the city, but I think I can do even better out in the country.” He challenged himself to get out of his comfort zone by selling his businesses in the city and starting a new life on the farm in the unfamiliar world of rural America.

After moving out of the city, Henry set up his farm and decided he wanted to raise his own dairy cows and get into the milk business. Daring to Dairy, you could say. Although he was unfamiliar with the milk process, he googled it on his laptop and did a little research. The wifi wasn’t very good in this part of the country, which made the research a little hard to read on the screen. As he learned the process, he would do the most unorthodox thing. Every Saturday night, he would invite the country pastor over and have him practice his Sunday sermon on his dairy cows. The Pastor was always thankful for a chance to share the Gospel, but curiosity would always linger in his mind.

Finally, after many Saturday nights of hard preaching to the dairy cows, the Country Pastor soon said, “Brother Henry, I love to preach, but I must ask, why do you invite me over every Saturday night to preach to your dairy cows?” Henry said, “Pastor, I’m still learning how the whole milk process works, but I’m pretty sure the milk in these cows still need to be Pastorized.” #DaringToDairy

(Copyright 2017) Brandon Baumgarten

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