The Seed Sowing Farmer

There once was a farmer who sowed seed on his fields expecting something to happen. The farmer saw this field as something that had potential, opportunity, and room to grow. He didn’t physically see the crops, but mentally envisioned what it could be in the upcoming months. He sowed the seeds in hopes of a bountiful, blooming, and prosperous crop. A crop that will bring in a good harvest and give him, his family, and inevitably the world, a future to believe in. 
You see the ripple effect starts by sowing a seed. This farmer’s produce will never happen until he takes the time to plow the field and sow the seed. In life, it is a mental and cultural error to simply expect the world to give us things and feel entitled to that expectation. If you want something in life, you must do the work, and envision the standard you hope to achieve. The sad reality is we live in a society that says the world is indebted to us simply because we live in it. “You don’t have to work hard, you don’t have to do anything. The world will take care of you.” This false narrative is killing dreams and inspiring laziness in a generation called above the status quo. 
Imagine if that farmer took this false narrative to mind and decided one morning that he didn’t need to take time to work hard, plow the field, or sow the seed because he simply expected greatness to happen on it’s own. A simple majority would quickly point out this farmer’s failure has already happened because his plan of action lacked something very important- ACTION. 

The point is greatness will never happen, achieved goals will never happen, impact will never happen if we only expect things to come. Just like the farmer, we can only expect when we put in the effort. Look at your life. Your field is full of opportunity. How’s your crop coming along? You’ll never know, unless you sow the seed and take the action. #ExpectThroughEffort #SowTheSeeds 

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