The Inside Scoop

At Braums Ice Cream, I approached the ice cream bar and the Braum’s cashier asked me what I wanted, I told her, “I’d like a double-dip Vanilla Butterfinger cone please.” Yummy! As she prepares my order trying to conform the ice cream to the cone, she packs it into the crevices and finishing it off with one GIANT dip on top. I’m thinking, “This is going to be awesome, I can’t wait to eat that!” 
As I anticipate the tasty goodness that is about to come my way, the cashier reaches over and goes to hand me my cone. But just as she’s about to pass it off, “SPLAT” the giant double dip rolls off the cone and lands on the ice cream bar. All of a sudden I hear a big “Gasp” from the cashier and another “Gasp” from her manager who was right behind her. Seeing the noticeable frustration and embarrassment in her eyes, I said, “Well, I guess that’s just how it Rolls!” 😉 
She laughed and so did her manager, both being quick to reveal a smile. Although my Giant double dip was no longer edible, the cashier proceeded to fix me up with an even BIGGER scoop that was perfectly set on top of my cone and I enjoyed every bite of it. 🍦


In life, many of us have been anticipating something great. Maybe it’s a long sought after goal, dream, or item you’ve been just waiting to attain. When I saw that first ice cream, I was so looking forward to eating it, but little did I know that a bigger and better scoop was on its way. Your life may feel like it’s been a “splat”, you feel like you’ve went through stress, pressure, disappointment, frustration, and things just don’t seem to go your way. But don’t Settle for a Splat, when you’ve been called to enjoy a Bigger Dip. Meaning don’t allow the bad circumstances you are going through define the great destiny you were meant to pursue. Don’t let the turmoil of life come between you and the goal, the dream, the vision you intend to reach. 
Let me say it plainly, “Don’t Settle for a Splat. Don’t allow the discomforts of life define your outcome of life. Press Into Your Destiny. Anticipate Your Destiny. Finally, Step Into Your Destiny and Discover What that Double Dip of Life really means.” Now thats what I call an “Inside Scoop.” 😉 #TheInsideScoop 

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