Teachers a.k.a. DifferenceMakers 


This post is dedicated to teachers and educators everywhere. Know that your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. 
The other day was my former Ag Teacher’s birthday and I begin to think of how much he and his mentorship had influenced my life. He motivated me to be my best and sought to bring out my fullest potential. Without a doubt, he made a Huge Difference in my life as do so many other teachers in so many classrooms. 
For many teachers and students, this week was their 1st week of school in 2016. In my travels and teacher inservices, I have the fortune of meeting and visiting with many teachers and administrators. I’ll often ask them what their favorite part of the job is, and some of the top responses I hear consist of a shared enthusiasm for the subject matter, getting the chance to engage with students in a positive way, but overwhelmingly, the top response I hear is to make the difference in the lives of their students. 
Teachers, Be Encouraged. 🙂 You encourage your students to be all that they can be everyday, but you deserve to be encouraged too. You Make the Difference in the Lives of Your Students. Your opportunity to mold minds, inspire thought, and engage interests is a priceless one. They say that behind every Successful student is a Great Teacher. You see, You play a significant part in student success whether by teaching students how to read, sing, write, weld, bake, livestock judge, learn, show, speak, care, craft skills, the list goes on and on. Some teachers feel like their efforts aren’t accomplishing anything, but be encouraged to know that when you feel down, there are still countless people who are looking up to you. Students who you may not even think would look up to you, actually do. In the words of the band, Needtobreathe, “You are a DifferenceMaker.” And your efforts aren’t in vain. You create an environment where students can learn, listen, and leave their schools on graduation day better than the day they enrolled in it. Truth be told, the most effective classroom I was ever in wasn’t actually a classroom, but actually an Ag Truck, where life skills were taught to me and a life was impacted because those skills. As a teacher, you get the chance to play a part in that impact, to make the difference. 
Although I’m just a speaker, I can relate to your purpose as a teacher, knowing that if one life is helped, one person is encouraged, and one future is made better because of our efforts, than we’ve achieved more than we can ever dream. For the sake of the student who stands in need of the smile, for the chance to see a student laugh for the first time in a long time, to see lives inspired to aspire to be the fire they were meant to be in this world, that my friends, are the moments we live for. Thank you teachers for all that you do! Here’s to the best semester yet and a very happy 2016 ahead! #DifferenceMakers
(Feel free to share and tag this post with a teacher whom you’ve looked up to)

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