How Was Your Day? ~How to Stay Encouraged Through Finals Week~

Its DEAD WEEK here at Oklahoma State, and I have a question for you, “How was your day today?”

It’s a simple question that each and every one of us is asked on a daily basis. The majority of responses to this question are things such as:
“Oh, it was ok!”
“It was so stressful.”
“You have no idea!”
“I don’t know, what day is it again?” … Lol

The fact is that we tend to live very, very super busy lives, especially when it comes down to this time of year and Finals are the only thing we can think about. We began to settle into our own little world and begin to be busier than a Squirrel at an Acorn Farm. 😉  Seriously though, Life gets hectic this time of year and with that, we often find ourselves in a negative atmosphere or mindset.

The battle of the day takes its toll on our every molecule, we get busy, we get stressed, overwhelmed, burdened, and mentally dehydrated at the end of the day, quite frankly, feeling exhausted. Trust me; we’ve all slipped on those pair of shoes. But allow me to share something with you: no matter how much you hurt, no matter how much we stress, no matter how heavy the burden maybe, please know that the arms that hold the universe are holding you tonight.

We must challenge ourselves to break the negativity of our own little worlds and realize that we were made for so much more.
You see, we were meant to be happy, not hurt. We were meant to be successful, not stressed. We were meant to be blessed, not burdened. We were meant to be tough, not tired. Simply put, we were meant to have a great day! I’m finding that relaxation is just as important as productivity and when I let my burdens go and begin to trust God, my day is officially made.

As leaders, we can’t afford to let ourselves get mentally drained or allow ourselves to be bankrupt of joy, we must strive to restore ourselves with new vision, new energy, and new growth. And all these things come from the Man upstairs.
As the dawn of tomorrow begins and you journey on and finish up Dead week and study hard for the Finals, I hope that you’ll return home and someone asks, “Hey, how was your day?”
And you’ll be able to respond and say: “My day was super great!”

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