50+ Public Speaking Topics for Students Competing in Speech Contests


Are you wanting to give a speech this year? Need help finding the right topic? Well, check out the topics below and see if you can find one that you are passionate about and are interested in. Public Speaking is a skill that won’t just help you in high school, but will be a skill that will help you succeed far beyond graduation and into your career. Have any questions regarding this topics or need help with your speech in general? Feel free to reach out to me. Keep the fire alive 🙂

Brandon’s 2015-2016 List of Prepared Topics for Students Involved in High School Public Speaking Contests:

1. NASA Growing Food in Outer Space

2. 2015 FooDS Demand Survey Results

3. ISIS & Agriculture

4. Ag Teacher Retention

5. Food Security

6. Ag Literacy

7. Pork Checkoff Program

8. Beef Checkoff Program

9. Agroterroism

10. El Nino Threat to U.S. Crops

11. Western Wildfires Effects on Agriculture

12. Farmers & New Technology

13. GPS Farming/Precision Farming

14. Urban Sprawl

15. Blue Bell Ice Cream & the Importance of BioSecurity

16. Sustainability of American Agriculture

17. Farm to School Program

18. Roof-Top Gardening

19. The Future of the Family Farm

20. Feral Hog Outbreak

21. AgriTourism

22. Animal Rights vs. Animal Agriculture

23. Importance of Farmers Markets

24. Country of Origin Labeling

25. 2015 Endangered Species Act

26. Oklahoma Water Rights

27. World Poverty

28. Wind Energy

29. World Trade Organization

30. Pesticides

31. Agricultural Advocacy

32. 2014 Farm Bill Programs

33. U.S. Drought

34. Immigration and Agriculture

35. 2015 U.S. Trade Tariffs

36. Social Media’s Role in Agriculture

37. Hunting and Wildlife Preservation

38. New EPA Rules

39. Environmental Quality Incentives Program

40. Wheat Disease Challenges

41. Ethanol and the Alternative Fuel Discussion

42. New Cuba Agreement on Trade

43. Smart Growth Policies

44. USDA rules and new administrative policies

45. Stock Show Ethics

46. Preserving Bee Population

47. Horse Processing

48. Earthquakes and Fracking

49. Federal Response to Avian Influenza

50. Pollution and Pollution Management

51. The Dodd-Frank Bill’s Impact on Industry

One thought

  1. OMG, this has been the hardest topic to get help on. My children started public speaking last year and we are in need of information such as writing a great speech. 9 the grade level.

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